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Pivotal Vision was formed to provide cost effective automation solutions for critical infrastructure industries in need of increased physical security and operational efficiencies. Pivotal Vision provides these advanced automation technologies through the commercialization of the iAlert and iSensor
Intelligent Surveillance System that has been under development since 2001.


Pivotal Vision, LLC
1325 American Blvd, suite 6
Minneapolis, MN 55425

Toll Free:    +1 866 798 7499
Telephone: +1 952 567 7494
FAX:            +1 952 567 7490

Customer Service:
Toll Free:   +1 866 798 7499

Pivotal Vision® is the leading provider of automated surveillance systems for critical infrastructure industries available to the public. The Company’s iAlert and iSensor® systems are an IP-based automation platform powered by proprietary video analytics engine with geospatial technology that enables autonomous PTZ tracking and a thermo-analytics engine for non-contact temperature capture and alarming.

Pivotal Vision solutions interfaces with both visual and infrared imaging systems to provide clients in critical infrastructure industries with a comprehensive intelligent surveillance system for security and operations functions. It is designed to minimize the use of valuable bandwidth between remote sites and central operation centers and to be highly secure.

Pivotal Vision is lead by an experienced management team with nearly 100 years of combined experience in the energy infrastructure business. Their experience operating natural gas and electric distribution and electric transmission businesses bring a users perspective to technology development and application that is unique in the automation industry. This included implementation of large scale SCADA & energy management systems, geographic information systems and remote automated meter reading for one million utility customers.