Why Pivotal Vision........

Operational Efficiency

24/7 Coverage of More Facilities -   Fewer Staff

Fewer Cameras, More Functionality   than other systems

Lower Communication Bandwith

Less Archiving Capacity Required

More Reliable Event Capture

Faster Response Times, Better   Reporting

Remote Set-up

Low False Alarm Rates



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AlarmThe Pivotal Vision iAlert Solution for Security
The Pivotal Vision iAlert Intelligent Surveillance System is a tool to provide operational efficiency for security organizations by employing automation. Efficiency gains increase significantly for large scale, geographically spread out operations.

The PV iAlert Intelligent Surveillance System is an IP-based automation platform that offers superior analytics capabilities with detection plus validation of intrusion. Serving as a powerful security tool, the PV iAlert system automates the monitoring of critical infrastructure assets to minimize the number of personnel needed for surveillance. 

The PV iAlert system performs indoor and outdoor detection, for various security scenarios, including autonomously tracking a person/vehicle with a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera. This is all possible because of the iALert Geospatial Processor and adaptive analytics engine, which identifies real life size, speed, trajectory and distance in a 3D- model that plots the object on a map on the command center monitors. 



The Pivotal Vision iAlert High Security System, utilizing real-time edge autonomous and smart monitoring technology, sends live and captured video only upon the occurrence of an incident. This exception based technology creates an advanced network environment capable of handling large volumes of video and device triggers which allows these devices to immediately generate and send event information, associated alarm information and real-time video to the systems users.

Because the iAlertHS system combines video, device management and advanced sensor analytics, the iAlertHS System is always performing real-time analysis which allows the users to spend more time gaining real-time situational awareness making users of the system more efficient and proactive when managing hundreds of cameras and sites.